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Classroom Sharing

Got classroom iPads? Harness them to let your students ask and answer each others' questions with text and their own videos. Classroom sharing is one free app away.

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*Ask3 will be retired on June 20th. For more information, please read our blog post.

Ask3 Guided Collaboration

Create, Share, Ask, and Answer

  • Create quick, visual lessons, and narrate as you go
  • Students can answer each others' questions before asking the teacher
  • Provide an open forum for discussion, even when you're offline
  • Encourage your students to give constructive feedback and praise  
Get an Edge on Assessment

Get An Edge on Assessment

  • Understand what students know (and don't know)
  • See what students are struggling with and personalize your teaching
  • Help with homework even when you're not in class
Show them Quickly

Show Them Quickly

  • Get your point across with popular symbols (arrows, circles, and more)
  • Write explanations freehand or type them in
  • See questions and comments easily on the dynamic timeline
  • Use educational photos from your iPad's gallery or built-in camera

Multiple Classes Made Easy

Multiple Classes Made Easy

With Ask3 version 1.6, teachers can create multiple classes with a single email address.

It's easy to view all your classes by tapping on the class name. You can have Ask3 for each section, class or course you teach.

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I think they like how easy the app is to use and the fact that they can listen to their classmates' recordings, too. This is truly an app that is great for all ages."

- Erin Mastin,
1st Grade Teacher
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Ask 3 allows kids the opportunity to read text on a deeper level.  Then, they are motivated by the feedback that their classmates give."

- Dan Polleys,
6th Grade Teacher