Redefining Learning Throughout an Entire School

Clintondale High School was facing some major challenges. Failure rates were up, and something needed to be done. Principal Greg Green decided to take a risk and try something new, so he flipped the entire school with help from TechSmith.

Flipped Classrooms Get Results at Clintondale High School

When Greg Green, principal at Clintondale High School, took a big risk by flipping his classrooms (as his test scores were dropping and disciplinary rates were on the rise), it paid off. In just one year, the failure rate at their 9th grade center reduced by 33% in English, 31% in math, 22% in science, and 19% in social studies—plus the discipline rate dropped by 66%! 

"I truly believe that this model has the potential to redefine how we deliver learning and education," Greg said. "I believe it provides an engaging and interactive way for teachers to facilitate learning, rather than delivering content through lectures. This in turn gives students the opportunity to process the content in class, together, as a group!"

"They can ask questions, they are more engaged in learning, they are less frustrated, and I’ve seen massive improvements in grades. I lay awake at night feeling like I have found a way to fix some of the huge problems we face in our education system. Now I just need to tell everyone who will listen.”

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