Zooming: The Often Misunderstood Half-Holy Grail of Screencasting Quality

“Zooming” is one of the things that many, many Camtasia users–ourselves included–want to do with their screen recording, and rightly so. It allows us to record everything to show context, but then get in close to show details (kind of the best of both worlds).

Knowing how important it is, we try to cover at least the basics in the Getting Started series for Camtasia Studio (05: Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan). However, despite showing how to “zoom,” we don’t talk much about what a “zoom” is and what it’s really doing to the video. As a result, we see a lot of people unknowingly making decisions that negatively affect the quality of their screencast (e.g. unreadable text and fuzzy details).

So, here’s a quick run-through of the three most common misconceptions related to “zooming” in screencasts that will help YOU make better quality screencasts.

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Title Category Level Format
000 - 01: Prepare, Script, Audio Getting Started I Video
001 - 02: Record Your Screen Getting Started I Video
002 - 03: Saving Files and Project Management Getting Started I Video
003 - 04: Explore the Editor Getting Started I Video
004 - 05: Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan Getting Started I Video
005 - 06: Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline Getting Started I Video
006 - 07: Add a Callout to Direct Viewers' Attention Getting Started I Video
007 - 08: Visual Properties Getting Started I Video
008 - 09: Produce and Share Your Video Getting Started I Video
009 - Zooming: The Often Misunderstood Half-Holy Grail of Screencasting Quality Main Concepts I Video
010 - Canvas: In-Depth Editing I Video
011 - Timeline: In-Depth Editing I Video
012 - Editing: In-Depth Editing I Video
013 - Animations: In-Depth Editing I Video
014 - Editing Dimensions Basics Editing I Video
015 - Introduction to Grouping Editing I Video
016 - Introduction to Markers Editing II Video
017 - Using Crop Mode Editing I Video
018 - Remove a Color (Green Screen) Editing II Video
019 - Stitching Essentials Editing I Video
020 - Custom Production Settings Sharing II Video
021 - Audio Series: Audio Basics Audio I Video
022 - Audio Series: Cleaning Up Mistakes Audio II Video
023 - Audio Series: Working with Music Audio II Video
024 - Caption Series: Speech to Text Captions II Video
025 - Caption Series: Sync with Script Captions II Video
026 - Caption Series: Add Captions Manually Captions II Video
027 - Caption Series: Import and Export Captions II Video
028 - Caption Series: Make Videos Searchable Captions II Video
029 - Introduction to Quizzing - Engage Your Viewers Interaction II Video
030 - Receiving Quiz Results via Email Interaction II Video
031 - SCORM Content Packages Interaction II Video
032 - Quizzing - A Sample Interaction II Video
033 - Connecting Your Mobile Device Mobile I Video
034 - Creating and Sharing Mobile Content with Windows Devices Mobile I Written
035 - Access and Share Files with My Places Sharing II Written
036 - The TechSmith Smart Player: What You Should Know Sharing I Written / Video
037 - TechSmith Relay and Camtasia Studio 8 Integration Integration II Written
038 - Camtasia Studio Help Guides User Guides I Written

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