Introduction to Text Capture

Text capture mode in Snagit takes text from just about anywhere on your screen and captures it as a TXT or RTF text. Send this text to your Clipboard, another program like Microsoft Word, or to Snagit's own Editor for basic RTF editing.

Use text capture to grab text from windows with non-selectable areas, like Windows Explorer, or from webpages with multiple text areas. Snagit's text capture can even capture spacing and RTF formatting like color, bolding, and italics.

Note: Snagit text capture is not OCR; this means that it can't capture text from images.

Taking a Text Capture

To capture text with Snagit, change the capture mode to Text using the small blue Mode button next to the red Capture button.

To change between capturing TXT and RTF text in text capture mode, select Profile Settings pane > Output > Properties > Text File tab.

To change the layout formatting, open Profile Settings pane > Effects > Layout > Text Layout Options.

Editing Text

When viewing captured text in Snagit Editor, a special Text tab appears in the ribbon. Before you save or send the text somewhere else, the edit tools on the Text tab allow you to change the formatting, spacing, and even the text itself.

The Clipboard group contains Copy All, Copy, Cut, and Paste functions. The Format and Font groups contain standard text editing tools, just like those found on the text drawing tool on the Draw tab.


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