TechSmith Relay Resources

TechSmith Relay allows anyone to record nearly anything, anywhere. Start recording videos, meetings, lectures, presentations, and more, and easily share them with others in your organization. 

Here you'll find video tutorials, guides, and more.


Getting Started

A series of short video tutorials that will get you up and running with TechSmith Relay.

Title Length
Welcome to TechSmith Relay 1:09
Signing Up for TechSmith Relay 2:08
Signing Up for TechSmith Relay Using a Service Code 2:19
Updating Your Profile Picture and Display Name 2:20
Downloading and Installing the Recorder 3:46
Making Your First Recording 6:52
Recording On-the-Go 2:33
Sharing Your Video 2:35
Introduction to Analytics 1:48
Engaging Your Viewers with Quizzing 3:08

For Assessment

Quizzing-specific guides and tutorials to help with assessment in TechSmith Relay.

Title Format
Best Practices for Assessment PDF
Saving and Analyzing Quiz Results PDF
Update an Existing Quiz (1:21) Video

Tips and Tricks

Pro tips and written guides to help you get the most out of your TechSmith Relay experience.

Title Format
Tips and Tricks for Desktop Recording PDF
Naming Groups and Videos PDF
Notifying Others When a New Video is Available PDF
Groups: Best Practices and Use Cases PDF
Update an Existing Video (1:41) Video

Incorporating Other Tools

Learn how to use TechSmith Relay in coordination with other TechSmith offerings.

Title Format
TechSmith Fuse (Windows Tablets) PDF
Camtasia Studio (Windows Desktop) PDF
Snagit (Windows Desktop) PDF

For Administrators

Guides for Site Administration.

Title Format
Administrator Guide PDF
Using Google Authentication for Account Creation PDF
Azure Active Directory Integration PDF
LTI/LMS Integration

TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted)

Version 4 (formerly Camtasia Relay)