Lakeland Community College Find Student and Faculty Success with TechSmith Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay)

Lakeland Community College isn’t a newcomer to the online education space, but as their online course portfolio continues to grow, officials recognized a need to modernize and centralize their online video platform.

As such, Lakeland chose TechSmith Knowmia as its campus-wide video platform. TechSmith products are used by top 200 colleges and universities in the U.S. to provide an easy-to-use and accessible solution `to allow instructors to create and share video lectures and other content with students.

Jeffrey Rodgers, Lakeland’s instructional media specialist noted that instructors were using a variety of tools to create online learning materials, but Lakeland wanted to ensure all faculty had access to an easy-to-use solution. The district also wanted to ensure that all online materials were ADA compliant.

“Lakeland has been offering online courses for several years, but we really didn’t have a reliable way to integrate video and other types of media into our courses,” he said. “We had a custom-built media application and server, but it could not display closed-captions, so we knew we needed something more user-friendly that could also help us be more ADA compliant.”

In fact, Rodgers said Knowmia’s easy auto-captioning function was one of the main points of interest for Lakeland when choosing a solution.

“We looked at several popular video solutions used in higher ed. Knowmia’s auto-captioning function with the ability to easily edit and fix captions really set it apart,” he said. “We liked that novice computer users could easily figure it out.

TechSmith Strategy Lead Shane Lovellette said the TechSmith team was impressed with Lakeland’s success with online courses and worked closely with them to find ways to make it even better.

“In talking with Lakeland, we helped them identify areas where they could enhance their already impressive online course offerings to improve adoption rates among staff while also improving student engagement and outcomes,” he added. “We’re excited to continue to support them as they grow and adapt to a changing educational landscape.”

Rodgers said Lakeland has already seen an uptick in faculty and student engagement since implementing Knowmia, and that Knowmia's built-in analytics helps them keep an eye on how everyone is performing.

“Having Knowmia has helped increase both faculty and student engagement within our courses. Knowmia’s analytics have been a big help with monitoring and increasing student engagement,” he said. “Faculty can now monitor student activity and easily correlate who has watched a video with how well they performed on a related assignment. Faculty can be more proactive because they know who has not watched a lecture or demonstration.”