Create an Animated GIF

Create an animated GIF file from a selection of your video capture or the entire video.

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Create an Animated GIF

  1. Open a video capture or click to select a video from the Recent Captures Tray.
  2. Drag the start and end handles to select a portion of the video for the Animated GIF.
    Drag handle to make selection

    Tip: Keep it short!

    It is recommended to select a segment less than 30 seconds.

  3. Drag the playhead to the green handle and click the Play button to preview the selection.
  4. When you are satisfied with the selection, click the Create Animated GIF button.
    Create GIF button
  5. Confirm if you are using the selection you just chose or if you would like to use the whole video to create the GIF.
  6. The Create GIF dialog appears. Select an Optimize For option:
    • Screen Video (Default): Select this option if the video contains screen recording.
    • High Motion Video: Select this option if the video contains real world video or games.
    • Reduced File Size: Select this option if you want to optimize for file size. Snagit scales the video dimensions down to have a max width or height of 200 pixels.
    • Custom: Select this option if you want to customize the settings. See Custom GIF Settings.
  7. Click the Create button.
    Snagit produces the Animated GIF file and adds it to the beginning of the Recent Captures Tray.

Custom GIF Settings

Frame RateNumber of frames per second. A higher frame rate produces smoother video playback and can result in larger file sizes.
Dimensions (unit)Select the unit to display the width and height dimensions.
Dimensions (Width and Height)Enter the width and height dimensions for the Animated GIF file. Decreasing the dimensions can result in lower file sizes for the Animated GIF.
Lock Aspect RatioIt is recommended to lock the aspect ratio, the ratio of the width to the height of a video. Unlocking the aspect ratio may result in skewed or blurry video content.
Enable DitheringEnable Dithering to prevent color banding and to produce smoother video content. Dithering can result in larger file sizes.
  • If looping is enabled, the Animated GIF plays back on a continuous loop.
  • If looping is disabled, the Animated GIF plays until the end of the video.
Dynamic Colors (Mac)This option is recommended for most videos. Enabling this option can result in increased file sizes. If you need to decrease the file size, you may consider disabling this option for videos with low color variation.
Fade to BlackAdd a transition to the end of the Animated GIF to fade the last frame to black.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2023. Previous versions may look or function differently.