Chad Riddersen’s 7 Tips for Creating High-Converting Sales Proposals

And we’re back! This is the second time Chad is sharing his sales expertise on the TechSmith blog, after a break for a very informative webinar on leveraging video to create high-converting sales proposals. We’re fortunate to be working with him! Today Chad is giving his top 7 tips for creating high-converting sales proposals; a perfect followup to the first installment where he explained how he uses Snagit to boost sales. If you haven’t read that post yet, go catch up! Then come back and read on for his top tips on how to make sales proposal screencasts really work for you:

1. 3, 2, 1: Smile

This might not seem like much, but hear me out! One of the first tips Chad gave us was to start recording with a smile on your face – regardless of whether you’re on camera or not. Why? Because it helps put a smile in your voice. This adds a noticeably friendly tone to your video, which will make you sound – naturally – excited about working together.

2. Create an Open Loop

This tip was inspired by Chad’s friend who is a screenwriter in Hollywood. The concept is simple: open your screencast with an unfinished thought to keep viewers hooked until the end. For example, Chad suggested saying something like: “at the end of this video, I’ll show you the one mistake most Shark Tank companies make that cripples their growth.” It helps him convey that he really understands the viewers’ struggles, and creates that ‘brain itch’ that keeps the people in their seat until the end.

3. Don’t Overthink it

One benefit to recording a screencast is that you can redo it if you need to. If you fumble your words or mess up an estimate, you’re not going to be forever haunted by your mistake like you might be on the phone. That said, don’t think you have to be perfect! You’re human, and your clients recognize that. It will take practice to get comfortable with it, but just try to approach the speed, tone, and content of your recording like you would if you were sitting across from the person. The idea of this is to get it done quickly and come off as smart, professional, and personal – just like you are in person! With practice, recording something like this takes Chad mere minutes.

4. Name Drop

As the Dale Carnegie says in his classic business book How to Win Friends and Influence People “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” At first, you will have to consciously make an effort to weave your prospect’s name into your proposal video.  However, you will eventually develop a massive revenue-generating habit that will keep your prospects more engaged and help you develop a deeper connection.

5. Make your Video Shareable

Chad says it’s important to recognize that the person you send the video to is typically not the only person who will watch it – be prepared for the ‘silent decision makers’ by putting your video on a dedicated webpage. Silent decision makers are the friends, family, or co-workers that the person you sent your proposal turns to before making the decision to buy your product or service. Because of this, it is imperative that you host your video somewhere where it is easily accessible and easily shared. However, his caveat to this point is DO NOT host your video on YouTube (he made that mistake starting out and it would freak people out, even if the video was made private), which leads us to….

6. Track it

Chad started hosting videos on Wistia – for a number of reasons. It has analytics that you simply can’t get with YouTube. You can see when your video was watched, where the person was when they watched it, how much of the video they watched, and much more. Wistia’s analytics provide great intel for future conversations because you’ll know what parts they’ve already seen and what parts you should spend more time explaining.

7. Read Minds

Chad ended up developing a custom tool that helps his proposals pack an even bigger punch. With it, he creates landing pages in minutes and gets a notification at the exact moment someone hits play on one of his videos. Now, let that really sink in. Can you just imagine what your prospect will say when you call them the moment they are reviewing your proposal? The first time Chad used it his prospect literally said “OMG, it’s like you were reading my mind!” He then proceeded to answer their questions about the proposal and he closed the deal right there on the phone! Doing this has increased Chad’s proposal acceptance rate by 21%!