How Digital Learning Can Help Solve These Training Challenges

With today’s technology, many companies are turning to video for new employee onboarding and training because it saves time, money, and resources. Proper employee training is critical for an organization to run efficiently and effectively, as it helps employees develop the skills needed in the workplace.

The demand and consumption of video has been increasing significantly over the last years, and will continue to do so. A Cisco study predicts that global IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021, up from 73% in 2016. Training videos have seen an increase in usage and popularity, they are a digital trend that allows learning materials to be shared out to employees, independent of location and time. It is therefore not surprising that more and more organizations are enhancing and replacing their training content with video, as it helps employees complete training quickly and efficiently.

Below are a few digital training challenges and how video can help:

Present it once, watch it over and over

Once a face-to-face training session is converted into a video, it is no longer a one-time session. Whether the training material is a recorded live session, or a screen capture, the video can be presented once, and then stored and used as a reference for all new employees. Not only does this save the trainer’s time, but the user’s as well. If the videos are saved and accessible to all new employees, there is no need to coordinate a training session that could potentially take up valuable company time. Each user can complete their training when it most conveniently fits into their schedule.

Face to face training is expensive

When it comes to face-to-face training, expenses can add up. Sending trainers abroad, booking venues, and bringing employees to training sessions can be costly. The more hours spent commuting results in less work and productivity. Video training materials can eliminate unnecessary travel costs and save time and resources.

Training across the globe

For international companies, training videos can be shared out worldwide. This can also reduce travel costs for trainers, and give anyone in the world access to the videos day and night, regardless of where they are located. Tutorials can be designed for international audiences, or be localized into other languages and cultures, catering to all audiences.

Why SoftwareONE switched to video

SoftwareONE, a software consulting company, made the switch to video training in 2011. With consultants across 145 countries, it was difficult to deliver necessary training in person, which lead to both lost time and revenue. Traditional training and development methods could take up to a month to organize, and could even take the new hire away from customer-directed work for up to three days. SoftwareONE began using TechSmith Camtasia to create online training videos for their own Global Learning & Development Team.

The team quickly became experts in both the software they sold and how they would properly train their employees on how to sell it through quality video and digital learning content. “Having trainings available anytime, anywhere and on any device keeps employees engaged and motivated, has offered a highly sustainable learning library, and reduced travel costs immensely” explains John Mayes, Global HR Leader.

When it comes to facing digital learning challenges, creating video content can help boost efficiency and productivity within the organization. Accessing videos is a quick and easy process, and cuts out any unnecessary costs that come with face-to-face training. With the help of TechSmith Camtasia, you can easily create, edit, and share your own video content. Download your trial copy of Camtasia here.


Mit den Softwarelösungen von TechSmith lassen sich Inhalte visuell und damit effektiver vermitteln. Schulungen, Tutorials, Anleitungen – jede Art von Kommunikation wird durch Bilder und Videos vereinfacht.

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