How to Get Mobile Video Files Off Your Device – TechSmith Tips

Hi everyone and welcome to another round of TechSmith Tips. In this blog post I am going to talk through how to get mobile video files off of your device.

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So let’s say you shot some video on your mobile device and now you want to bring it onto your desktop computer for editing, saving or whatever. The simplest option I recommend is plugging your phone into you computer with your USB charger. Or if you have an android device, take out your memory card and use a card reader that is hooked up to your computer. Once connected, you can click and drag your video files right into any folder you desire.

But, let’s say you don’t have a card reader or USB cord available. The next solution is wireless or “cloud” sharing options.

But what is the cloud exactly? The cloud, or cloud computing, basically means software that is operated by internet enabled devices. Instead of storing your files on your mobile device or computer, the files are stored on a server somewhere out there in the world. So for these options to work, you will need to have an active internet connection.

The first cloud option I recommend is Dropbox. It works on all devices and you are given 2 GBs for free to get started with options to upgrade if needed. Dropbox is available for all major mobile offerings.

The next option avaliable is Google Drive. Very similar to dropbox, but you are given 15 GBs for free to get started and it is compatible on all mobile devices as well.

The third cloud option I am going to recommend is Apple’s offering called iCloud. iCloud offers 5 GB of storage for free to get started and works basically the same as the other two. And believe it or not, iCloud is available for Windows users too.

The last cloud option I am going to recommend would be good old-fashioned email. Now most email services put a cap on file size, usually around 25 MB per email, so this option can be limited, but still works if you are in bind.

If you don’t have a cord or you don’t want to send your videos through the cloud because of privacy reasons, another option would be a product that we offer here at TechSmith, which is called TechSmith Fuse. The way it works is that it connects your mobile device to your desktop computer through a WiFi connection. So as long as your devices are on the same WiFi signal, all you need to do is connect your device via a QR code and BAM! Now you can wirelessly send media safely over the network. No cloud storage involved. TechSmith Fuse is a free offering, but only works if you have Snagit or Camtasia installed, which are also TechSmith products.

That’s it for this episode. I hope you found some of this information useful, please subscribe and as always leave your comments or questions below. Thanks for your time and keep an eye for more TechSmith Tips!