New TechSmith Beta Product Offering: SnagIRL

Background: The very first version of TechSmith Snagit was released in May of 1990. Originally developed as a simple screen capture and print utility tool, the program was initially created for internal use, as an in-house tool used to document early Microsoft Windows applications for TechSmith’s clients.

Almost thirty years later, TechSmith Snagit is the world leader for all of your digital capture needs. While it can still take care of your basic screen capture requirements, the program has been enhanced over the years to also allow you to edit and modify screen caps, as well as record your screen and webcam.

Today, April 1st, TechSmith is excited to announce a brand new product offering, currently in beta! We’ll soon welcome into the family SnagIRL. This new version of Snagit, also known internally as Snagit Scissors, is designed to meet your need to capture your real life, as much as you capture your digital life.

SnagitIRL logo

This beta offering was developed to meet a rising desire people have to step out of their digital life and have analog experiences, or IRL (in real life) experiences. One example of this is the rise of vinyl records. Vinyl has grown tremendously in the last ten years–a 53% increase–as a result of individuals wanting to hold on to tangible items. In this regard, most technologies miss the mark, and force you to keep your focus on (one of) your screen(s).

TechSmith, a leader in visual communication, is dedicated to enable you to optimize your ability to share knowledge and information. Having a real world presence seemed like a no-brainer.

Simply use SnagIRL to capture from paper. Once you capture, we use patent-pending digital Smart capture to transfer it into your computer. When you’re ready to recall your capture, hit print and like magic, your capture is restored and made physically available to you.

Snagit Scissors

Snagit scissors allows you to cut out almost anything and have it instantly transferred to your screen for safe keeping. Watch the video to the learn more. The SnagitIRL video is also available to view on YouTube.

While still in the early stages, it is expected that SnagIRL will be able to capture a full range of analog materials. Snagit scissors will currently cut paper, but we fully expect future iterations to be able to work with plastics, wood, and other materials.

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Happy April Fools Day!

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