Case Study: Odessa College Builds Student Success with TechSmith Relay

Higher education faces many challenges, but integrating blended learning technology is one of the largest. At such a scale, it can be difficult to get all the staff on board and migrate students efficiently to a new technology. With the rise in distance learning students, working students, and the need for online learning options, the demand for a solution has also grown tremendously. One such college from Texas intended to meet those demands by adopting blended learning technology. Odessa Community College discovered TechSmith Relay, an easy-to-use, cost efficient lecture capture solution that would help boost student engagement and retention and move the college forward.

As a way to increase student participation and completion campus-wide, it’s no surprise that the staff at Odessa jumped at the opportunity to use video. Since lectures could be viewed outside of class, they had more time to dedicate to students during class hours. Whether communicating with a short video for an online class, or providing students with the opportunity to watch class lectures at their leisure, staff at Odessa focused on creating a blended learning environment while building student success.

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