Make Your PowerPoint Videos Even Better With Editing Effects

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So, you’ve mastered simple screen capture by turning your PowerPoint slides into a video. Why not take your PowerPoint videos to the next level with editing features? Give your slides the polish they need to make them look professional and keep your audience engaged.

According to University of Washington biologist John Medina, a typical audience mentally checks out of a PowerPoint presentation after the first 10 minutes. Luckily, video provides a better solution for creating more engaging content to help keep your audience’s attention. TechSmith Camtasia provides a simple and intuitive way to add effects to a presentation. Below are a few tips on how to add visual interest to your presentation:

Import PowerPoint slides

You can begin by importing your PowerPoint slides directly into Camtasia. Once your media is imported, you can edit and enhance it by dragging your slides into the editing toolbar.


Animate with behaviors

Use Camtasia’s Behaviors feature to bring parts of your presentation to life and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

A behavior is an animation that brings movement to your slides, making it pop on your screen, making it more engaging for your audience.

To add a behavior, click and drag the behavior you wish to use and drag it onto the slide you want to animate. Once added, you can adjust the behavior using the on the properties tab.



Inserting annotations into your PowerPoint slides helps draw special attention to important information in your presentation.

To insert an annotation, click the annotation tab on the left side of the screen and drag it into the designated slide. You can then re-position and edit the annotation in the properties tab as needed.


Add quizzes to increase engagement

When giving a presentation for academics or training, implementing quizzes throughout the presentation can get your audience involved and keep them engaged in your content.

To add a quiz, click the Interactivity tab and choose Add Quiz to Timeline.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of screen capture, it’s time to take your ordinary PowerPoint slides and turn them into an engaging presentation. To add awesome, unique features download TechSmith Camtasia here.



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