Apply Audio Effects

Most people record with what they have available, like the built-in microphone on the laptop, and the quality could be better. Apply one or more of the Audio Effects in Audiate, to sound like you used a professional sound booth.


Remove Noise

Remove background noise in the recording such as a fan or street ambiance to produce a cleaner, clearer voice recording.

Tip: Apply Remove Noise to most recordings before applying other effects for the best result.

Volume Leveler

Adjust the volume level of individual words to create a consistent level across the recording. This effect will keep your voice at a consistent, professional sounding level.


Quickly apply a preset or manually adjust the equalizer properties to improve the clarity and tone. Take a recording that sounds muddy or hollow, and make it sound clear and full.


If you have a recording with especially harsh consonant sounds, you’ll see a significant improvement by using audio effects like DeEsser to make the sound of your recording more pleasing.

Remove Reverb

If you’ve ever listened to a recording in a lecture hall, church, or even an office, you’ve heard the audio tail that can make a recording lose all clarity. Use the Remove Reverb effect to get rid of the audio tails and make the recording sound as if it was recorded in a studio.

Remove Plosives

Remove pops and breath sounds from powerful “P” pronunciations.


Remove distortion and clipping that occur from improper microphone levels. Using the DeClipper effect, you can dial in just the right output level to remove all clipping while the algorithm recovers the sound of the recording.