How to Create a Template

Make your next video faster or set others up to easily make videos in a certain style by using Templates.


Using Placeholders

Add a Placeholder to your timeline by using the hotkey ‘P’. A placeholder allows you to create a media object that's easily replaced with any piece of media from the media bin, library, or annotations. Include instructions to give the creators tips and guidance on usage.

Camtasia editor with a placeholder on the track

Using prebuilt royalty-free assets

Start with a new project and add elements from the library. Several prebuilt assets are included. For this example, use the State intro asset from the intro’s folder. Use the properties panel to easily make changes to the media such as titles and themes.

Camtasia editor with a prebuilt intro on the track

Add Track Magnetization

Once all the media and placeholders are on the timeline, magnetize the track to eliminate any gaps between clips. This track magnetization is saved in the Template, so future videos created from it will have no gaps.

Save a project as a Template

Select file, save Project as Template, and give it a name. If you want to share a Template with another Camtasia user, that's easy too. With the Template open, go to file, export, and choose Template. From here, name the Template and create a shareable Template file. Then easily share this file with a colleague.