Create Custom Assets

Create your own custom assets to reuse across multiple projects. Share custom assets with your team to maintain brand identity or a consistent look and feel.

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Create a Custom Asset

Group media on the timeline to create your own custom asset.

  1. Add logos and annotations such as callouts, shapes, and lines to the canvas or timeline to build the custom asset.
    example of lower third custom asset
  2. Select all media to include in the custom asset. Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) the selection and select Group. See How to Use Group Tabs.
  3. Click the Properties button. The Properties panel displays the editable properties in the group. Complete any of the following to edit the group properties:
    Properties button

Customize Asset Properties

The Quick Property Editor allows you to customize the display and organization of properties for a custom asset. Use the Quick Property Editor to:

  • Control which properties are available for editing.
  • Link assets together to quickly edit multiple assets at one time.
  • Create your own descriptive labels for each asset or linked set of assets.
    example of linked assets in Properties panel
Link Assets
Link multiple assets together to edit at one time.
Quick Property Editor
  1. Drag the Reorder icons up or down to move the assets to be linked next to each other.

    Note: Only assets of the same type can be linked. For example, callouts with other callouts or text with other text can be linked.

  2. Click the Link icon Link icon to link an asset with the one above it. Each linked “child” below inherits the properties of the “parent” above it.
  3. Repeat to link any additional assets.
  4. Click Save.
Unlink Assets:
  1. Click the Unlink icon Unlink icon to edit the properties individually.
  2. Click Save.
Label Assets
Add descriptive labels to provide context for individual parts of the custom asset.

For example:
  • Distinguish similar items from each other.
  • Indicate text to enter, such as “Name” and “Job title.”

  • Label fields in Quick Property Editor
  1. In the Label field, enter the desired label.
  2. Click Save.
Assign Theme Elements
Control which element from a theme applies to each property.

For example, assign “Background 1” from your Company’s theme to one property and “Accent 1” to another property to set their colors.
Theme dropdown
  1. In the Properties panel, apply a theme to the group.
  2. Click the Open Quick Property Editor button.
    Open Quick Property Editor button
  3. Click the gear icon and select a theme element from the dropdown.
    • Green gear green gear: A theme element is applied to the property. Changes to the theme affect the property.
    • White gear white gear: No theme element is applied to the property.
  4. Click Save.
Edit Visible Properties
Control which properties are shown in the Properties panel for editing.

For example, remove assets that display company name or brand colors from Visible Properties to prevent them from being edited.
Visible Properties in Quick Property Editor
  1. Edit the asset and its properties as desired.
  2. Click the Remove Property icon Remove property icon to move the property from Visible Properties to Available Properties. The property does not appear in the Properties panel and cannot be edited.
  3. Click the Add Property icon Add Property icon to include a property in the Properties panel and allow it to be edited.
  4. Click Save to view your changes in the Properties panel.

Tip: Reuse and share your custom assets with others.

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