Make a Copy of Your Video

Learn how to copy a video to share with someone else, or to use in a different course to gather separate analytics.


1. From your Library, click the media context menu and choose Copy. The new video has the same title with (Copy) after it. See below for how to edit the title and description.  

2. To duplicate a video from the video view page, choose More > Make a Copy. A copy of this media appears in your library. 

Knowmias more menu with the cursor over the Make a Copy button

3. The copied video maintains the description, closed captions, and quizzes from the original video. Video analytics (including quiz analytics) and conversations are NOT copied from the original video. 

TIP: If you want the copied video to have captions or quiz questions, be sure and add them to the original video before you make a copy. This way you won’t have to recreate them in the copied video. 

4. To edit the title and description, click the Edit details button. Make changes to the TitleDescription, and folder Location, if desired. Click Save to see the updates. 

5. For Enterprise Users, select Change Owner from the media context menu, to send the copied video to someone else’s library in your organization. This is a quick way to share content with coworkers so they can use it and gather their own video analytics. 

Knowmia Enterprise settings with the cursor over the Change Owner button