Customize Snagit

Customize the editing toolbar to provide quick access to tools, menu options, effects, and outputs you frequently use.


Customize your toolbar

As you use Snagit, certain tools and functionality will become more important to your tasks and workflows. Add these tools, share destinations, and effects to your toolbar to get things done even faster.

To start customizing the toolbar, open Snagit Editor and select More > Customize Toolbar.


Move or add tools, effects, and menu items

Move tools on the toolbar by clicking and dragging them to their desired position.

Add an option by dragging it from the customize dialog onto the toolbar. You can add tools, effects, and even output destinations to the toolbar for quick access.

Add a space to create groups

If you want to create space between tools or sets of tools, drag a spacer from the customize menu to the toolbar.

Remove less frequently used tools

Remove less frequently used tools to create a cleaner toolbar and to improve editing time.

To remove a tool, click and drag the item off of the toolbar.