Create a Weekly Check-in Video for Your Students

Having a weekly check-in video is important to keep students up-to-date and engaged with the class content. This tutorial walks you through creating a customized template so that you can quickly introduce a new week, topic, or unit with a video.

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1. Choose a Template

Go to File > New Project from Template.
Choose a template from the Template Manager or click Download more Templates to browse more options.
After selecting the template, click New from Template.

Camtasia template window

2. Adjust the Quick Properties

Adjust the template text, logo, and color scheme in the Quick Properties Panel.
Use the Color Picker tool to easily select specific colors.

Camtasia editor with a template on the canvas

3. Create a New Theme

To create a theme, select Manage Themes from the Theme drop down menu.
Click the + button and select the colors, fonts, and logo. Click Save.
The theme appears in any theme dropdown menu.

Camtasia theme manager window

4. Save the Template

Position the playhead to display what you’d like the thumbnail of the template to be.
Go to File > Save Project as Template. Name the template and click OK.

Camtasia editor with a template on the canvas

5. Create a New Project Using the Template

Go to File > New Project from Template. Select the newly created template and click New from Template.

The new customized template opens and is ready for you to add media.

Click and drag the media over the placeholder and edit as usual. When finished, click Export to share the video to the desired location.

Camtasia timeline showing a placeholder

6. Export to Knowmia

Export your Camtasia videos directly to Knowmia. Utilize features like built-in quizzing, automatic closed caption generation, viewer analytics, conversations, and more. 

Check out these Knowmia tutorials to learn more.

Camtasia export menu with an arrow pointing to Knowmia

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