How to Create a Webcam Introduction Video

Making a webcam video can be difficult as we often stumble over our words or forget what we are trying to say. Despite the pain, with a little guidance and practice, we are confident that you will be able to make an intro video that establishes a personal connection with your students.

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1. Adjust Recording Settings

Open your presentation and TechSmith Camtasia. Set the Camtasia recorder settings how you prefer, adjusting the screen capture region, webcam, microphone, and system audio.

If you choose to turn the webcam on while recording, the webcam minimizes but is still recording.

PowerPoint presentation with Camtasia recorder

2. Recording Appears in the Camtasia Editor

After recording, the webcam, screen recording, and audio open in Camtasia. The Screen Recording appears on Track 1 and the Webcam and Audio appear on Track 2.

We recommend saving the project before you begin to edit. In the File menu, select Save As.

Camtasia editor with media on the timeline

3. Edit Mistakes and Add Effects

Trim mistakes by selecting the part with the mistake and click the scissors icon to ripple cut the video.

Use animation effects to show, hide, and move the webcam clip in the video. To explore other fun effects, check out our Camtasia tutorials.

Camtasia editor with media on the timeline

4. Export the Video

Export your video into a format that you can share with your students. There are some cloud outputs that you can share directly to, or choose a local file and produce an MP4 that you can upload or share to your destination of choice.

Camtasia editor with share menu open

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