How to Reset Data

Reset the video engagement data (video analytics, quiz results, and conversations) for a new class or semester.


From Your Library

1. From your Knowmia Library, click the context menu and select Reset Data

Reset data from the context menu

2. Since this action cannot be undone, download a .csv file and save a backup copy of the current data before resetting. Click Reset to remove the number of views, quiz submissions, and conversation data for this media. 

Are you sure you want to reset the data

From the Video View Page

1. Click the More button and select Reset Data

Reset data from the more button

2. Click the Download Data button to download a .csv file of the current data to save as a backup copy.
Enable the Yes, I want to reset the data checkbox and click Reset.

Reset data confirmation dialog window

Reset Multiple Pieces of Media

  1. To reset data for multiple pieces of media at once, multi-select the media in the Library. 
  2. 2. Click the context menu.
  3. Select Reset Data. Knowmia resets all video analytics, quiz results, and conversation data for your video(s).
Reset multiple pieces of media