Working With Selection Tools

Learn how to use Snagit's powerful selection tools, like the Magic Wand, to perform advanced editing tasks and craft remarkable images.


Move and delete objects with the selection tool

Use the selection tool to Draw around an area, then move, cut, delete, or copy and paste the selection. In the example shown, auto-fill is turned on, which makes Snagit fill in the background when the selection is moved. To learn how to turn on auto-fill, checkout the next tip.

Level up with auto-fill

Auto-fill automatically fills the space left open when a selection is moved or deleted. 

To use auto-fill, make sure it’s turned on, select an area of an image, and then move or delete the section. Snagit replaces the section with the surrounding background color, gradient, or pattern.


Snagit selection tool properties with the cursor over the auto-fill button

Use Snap to Object to select and move shapes and icons

Snap to Object allows you to collapse a selection to the nearest edges of a shape or icon within the selection.

Draw a selection around a shape or icon in an image. Then, click Snap to Object to collapse the selection to the edges of the selected elements. Move the icon anywhere in the image. If auto-fill is turned on, the space where the object moved from will be auto-filled to match the background.

Tip: The lasso tool is helpful if the shape selection tools won’t fit a particular object.


Select and remove a color or background with the magic wand

The magic wand allows you select portions of an image based on their color. Use it to select backgrounds or irregularly shaped spaces. If the initial selection isn’t perfect, adjust the slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity. Then, move, delete, or even copy the selection for use in another image.