Fill Tool

Replace a color or transparency in an image by filling the area with a different color.

3d Snagit icon

Use the Fill tool to replace colors in an image to match your brand colors, improve accessibility for viewers, or change the aesthetic.

Note: Fill and other tools in the Snagit Editor toolbar are available to edit images. To edit and enhance video captures, share your video to TechSmith Camtasia.

Fill an Area with Another Color

  1. Click the Fill tool in the Snagit Editor toolbar.
    Fill tool

    Note: If the tool is not visible in the toolbar, click the More dropdown. To customize your toolbar, see Customize the Snagit Toolbar.

  2. The settings available for the selected tool appear in the Tool Properties panel. To select the fill color, complete one of the following:
    • Select a fill color from the Quick Styles.
      Fill Quick Styles
    • Click the Fill dropdown and select a color from the preset colors or from the color palette.
      Fill color selection
      If you want the image to match the background on any page or if you want portions of the image to display any content behind the image, select transparency fill (checkerboard pattern).
      transparent fill
      Transparent, gray, and white backgrounds
    • Click the Fill dropdown and enter a HEX or RGB value into the field. Click the Mode button to switch between HEX and RGB values.
      Hex or RGB field
    • Click the Eyedropper button and then click to select a color from anywhere on the screen.
      Eyedropper tool
  3. Click to apply the fill color to a location on the Canvas. Fill changes the color of the selected pixel and all other pixels around it with the corresponding color.

    Tip: Adjust the tolerance for a better result.

    If Snagit fills too little or too much of an area on the Canvas, press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command+Z (Mac) to undo the previous fill and drag the Tolerance slider to adjust the fill amount.

  4. When you are finished with the Fill tool, click the Move tool to select, move, edit, or delete objects you added to your image.
    Move tool

Tool Properties

Edit the properties to customize the tool.

Tip: Save tool customizations as Quick Styles.

After you edit tool properties, save your customization as a Quick Style for future use. See Quickly Access Favorite Styles and Tools.

Fill properties on Windows Fill properties on Mac

Click the Eyedropper button and then click to select a color from anywhere on the screen.
Eyedropper button

Click the dropdown and select one of the following to set the color:

  • Click to select a preset or color from the palette.
    color selection
  • Enter a HEX or RGB value into the field.
    HEX field

Drag the slider to adjust the transparency level.
Opacity slider

Tolerance adjusts the amount of fill in an area based on how similar the surrounding colors are to the selected pixel.
Tolerance slider

  • Set the Tolerance slider to 1 to replace pixels of the exact same color around the selected pixel.
  • Increase the tolerance value to replace a wider range of colors. This typically increases the size of the fill area.
  • Decrease tolerance to replace a narrower range of colors. This typically reduces the size of the fill area.

Global Fill (Mac Only)
Click the Global Fill checkbox to replace all matching colors in an image. Adjust the tolerance to refine the color replacement area.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.