Get to Know Snagit

Snagit lets you quickly capture your screen and camera, add additional context, and share images, GIFs, or videos across your preferred platforms.

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One of the most common uses of Snagit is to simply take and share a screenshot, but Snagit can do so much more. Let’s start with a quick tour of Snagit’s two main parts: the Capture Window and the Snagit Editor.

Capture Window

Snagit Capture Window
The Capture Window is where you select how you would like to record your screen. Choose from:

Use the crosshairs to select a window, fullscreen capture, or click and drag to select a region of your screen.

Snagit Editor

Once you have captured your image or video, it opens in the Snagit Editor.
Snagit Toolbar

Explore the many tools available:

  • Draw attention to parts of your capture with tools like callouts.
  • Use the Selection tool to mock-up an image.
  • Add steps to help visually guide someone through a process with the Step tool.
  • Remove unwanted sections with the Cut Out tool.
  • Create a theme with colors, fonts, and turn shadows off or on.
  • Apply the theme to tools like arrows.
  • Redact sensitive information with the Simplify tool.
  • Make quick edits to the video you’ve captured of your screen.
  • Turn video into a GIF you can share.
  • Create a video to share information with your team from the images you’ve captured.
  • Quickly create a how-to guide with your captures with templates.

To learn more about all the tools available in Snagit, see the Tools tutorials.


Now you’re ready to share with one of Snagit’s many sharing options.

A quick way to share your image is to click the Copy All button, then paste it in a message, document, or other communication tool.

To gather feedback or start a discussion, click the Share Link button. Snagit quickly uploads your image or video to Screencast and copies a link to your clipboard to share with anyone anywhere.


Click the Share dropdown to send captures directly from Snagit to frequently used share destinations.

Or simply click and drag the image into another application to share it.


Visit the Snagit Library to access your entire capture history.
Library icon

You can search, filter, organize, and share captures from the Library. See Introduction to Snagit Library.

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