Welcome to Knowmia!

Knowmia makes it easy to record lectures, share engaging videos, and make content accessible for all your students.


Record Your Screen

Use the TechSmith Capture app within Knowmia to record anything on your computer screen, including webcam.

Capture window to record anything on the computer screen with the option to turn on the webcam.


Add auto-generated captions that can be edited and checked for ADA compliance.

Auto-generated captions that give requirements for ADA compliance


To add interactivity with your content insert in-video quizzes and polls then track views with analytics.

In-video quizzing allows the option to Replay the Last Section or Take the Quiz Now

Allow viewers to add time-linked comments or questions on the video timeline as a way to encourage asynchronous interaction.

time-linked comments can be added to the video timeline to encourage conversations