Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals

Chad Riddersen, Deviate Labs

Delivering a proposal to a potential client is the beginning of a long, stressful waiting game.

Will they read it? And what if they have questions? Did I include enough detail to answer them? Or maybe too much?

Chad Riddersen; owner of a boutique “growth hacking” consulting agency, Deviate Labs; has developed a way to give himself peace-of-mind in these situations, and it’s easier than you might think. His method is one of magic and delight – a way to pull potential clients into your office, for just a few minutes, all from the comfort of their own chair.

How? It’s as easy as pressing record.

By adding simple one-take Snagit videos to his outbound cold-call proposals, Chad went from closing on 33% of his deals to closing on 50% of them! “I got obsessed with it,” he explained, “because my conversion rates started going up.”

Though he doesn’t actually physically interface with his clients with this method, video allows clients to still feel like they get to know Chad. “I can create a personal connection by video,” he explained. “In person, I was closing about 50% of the deals I would bid on, but it’s a little more natural that way because you can build immediate rapport when you’re connecting with people face-to-face.”

After Chad exhausted connections in his local area, he had to start bidding on clients all across the country, which presented a number of challenges. “It was so painful spending all this money on marketing, doing twice the amount of work preparing super-detailed PDF proposals, and then having my win rate slashed in half,” Chad lamented. So, after a few months of frustration, he turned to Snagit – a tool he had been using to create internal tutorials for his team – and the results really shocked him!

“The first video proposal I sent using Snagit was to Lollaland, a company I saw on Shark Tank, and I won the deal immediately!” He continued with this method and, within just three months, Chad went on to win an additional five Shark Tank companies as clients while increasing his close rate back up to 50% across the board. To make this even more compelling, he has been able to land all of these clients from the spare bedroom of his fiance’s parent’s house!

Apart from his own skill, of course, Chad credits his wins to the many ways video simplifies the process. For example:

  • Points don’t get lost in translation because he can add extra details and visuals that he wouldn’t typically include in a PDF proposal.
  • Most busy professionals don’t take time to read a long proposal, but they will take ten minutes out of their day to watch a quick video walk-through.
  • Recipients are able to quickly send videos to what Chad calls “silent decision makers” (friends, spouses, advisors, colleagues, etc.), and, after just a few minutes, everyone is on the same page.

Because of the above reasons, Chad has seen many improvements in his sales process, including a shortened sales cycle. He also noted that “Snagit videos have allowed me to move upmarket and target better clients.”

What Chad has taken away from all of this is that while everyone else is sending flat, boring, and stale PDFs – he is turning the proposal game on its head by using videos to create strong personal connections and share compelling ideas. Not surprisingly, he’s been receiving high praise for doing so: “several of my clients said ‘it was the best proposal I’ve ever seen,’” he reported happily, “which is crazy because I created it in 10 minutes using my iPhone headset for audio.”

If you’re interested in trying out video proposals for your business, download our free trial of Snagit and get started today.

And stay tuned: through much trial and error, Chad has developed a set of best-practices for creating high-converting sales proposals, and has agreed to come back next week to share his top tips!

In the meantime, if you have any questions you’d like him to answer, please leave them below!