Using Video During Your Events

If I mention video, do your eyes get big and do you start to get the sweats? Fear not, friends, video does not have to be so frightening. Video is a great way to expand your reach at an event and also to share what you’ve learned with your team back home. The best part is, it only takes a little planning to make it a great success.

Here are some different ways that you can incorporate video in your trade shows at every stage of your event – pre-show promotion and post-show.

Pre-show Promotion

Make a Presentation Teaser Video

A lot of time and money goes into trade shows—make the most of your investment! Making videos to create excitement about the activities your company is doing at the event is a low cost way to promote your participation.

At TechSmith, we often present at conferences or have customers presenting on our behalf. Before the show, we often record a short interview or make a video overview of the topic to promote the presentation. The best part about using video for thisyou don’t even have to have your presenters in the same location. We recently had an event where all of our presenters were scattered around the country, but we still needed to create some promotional videos. We record video calls using Skype and Google Hangout.


A good rule of thumb is to try and keep your video under one minute if you can30 seconds would be ideal. This is a simple and proven way to keep the viewer engaged.

*Source: TechSmith Video Viewer Survey

*Source: TechSmith Video Viewer Survey

Pro tip! Since a lot of viewers watch without sound, we include captions in our videos. It’s another simple way to make sure people can watch your video, regardless of where they are…

Sponsored Post Example

Example of Sponsored Post

After our video is all set, we post it on social channels to raise awareness
for those attending the conference.
Social video generates 1200% more shares than text & images combined! We then target promotion to those most likely to be attending the conference to make sure it reaches the right audience. Our main goal for these videos is to drive people to our presentations. And you can do the exact same thing!

Create a ‘come see us in our booth’ video

Another type of pre-show promotion you can do is a video with your booth staff inviting attendees to stop by to see a new product or to provide feedback. We have even done this for shows we are attending but NOT exhibiting at because we still want to engage with the attendees either for recruiting or for research purposes. We make sure the staff in the video are wearing the same company attire in the video that they will be wearing at the event for consistency in branding and to make sure people know what to look for at the conference.

Post-show: Bring the Feedback Home

While you are at the show, you have the awesome opportunity to  capture real-life customer feedback. It is so much more impactful for our product development teams to actually see people’s faces when they are giving feedback. As our Market Research Analyst, Stephanie Warnhoff, says

“Without recording videos of interviews and focus groups, I would never be able to remember all the nuances of research and customer conversations – the tone they used, where they hesitated, and non-verbal cues which are so valuable when understanding viewpoints.”

With video, you’re able to bring back the exact kind of excitement or frustration the customer shared in-person.


Their excitement in the video is infectious! I know the feedback in this video is positive, but negative feedback is just as helpful, if not more helpful for our company to see…seeing frustrations firsthand is so meaningful. And you don’t have to have a polished video to get your point across.

Capturing video while at the show is also great for showing those back home what the atmosphere was like at the conference, what the booth looked like, and gives them a general feel for what went on. You give a much clearer perspective than still images or a verbal description. Forrester found that the value of just ONE minute of video is 1.8 MILLION WORDS. That’s a lot of typing.


So there you have it! Those are just a few ways you can enhance your upcoming trade shows with the use of video! Convinced you should use it but a bit nervous about jumping into video creation? Camtasia is a great option for people who want to create video but are not professional video editors. It’s easy-to-learn, intuitive interface means you’ll be creating content quickly. Check out the free on boarding tutorials and download a free trial today to get started.

Already using video at your events? I’d love to hear about it so please tell me more in the comments below!

If you aren’t sure you are ready to jump to video, check out ways you can use images in your briefing book to prepare your staff for your next show!