How to Use Video Marketing in the Solution Aware Funnel Stage

After consumers discover the solution to their problem (or are solution aware in funnel terms), they may still be hesitant to purchase a solution. Why? It could be any number of reasons, but likely they aren’t yet convinced they have time, budget, the talent, the team, the expertise, or confidence that others out there found success in solving this same problem in this way. At this point consumers are likely researching the solution further to validate it’s the route to go, and video marketing can help.

Video is a great way to show others the success they’ve had with a solution and also provide helpful content that builds confidence in the consumer that they are on the right track to solving their problem. The trick here for most marketers? Keeping this content product agnostic. The aim is to build confidence in the solution, not your specific product! This post will dive into tips and how-to’s on how you can make your product present within the content without crossing the line. But first let’s get some background as to what it means to be creating video content for those that are Solution Aware.

The Five levels of Awareness by Eugene Schwartz

Our marketing team at TechSmith has recently adopted the Five Levels of Awareness to expand the scope of our digital marketing funnel. Originally presented by Eugene Schwartz in his book Breakthrough Advertising, this funnel-based concept presents a formula for nurturing leads in a way that provides them with the right content at the right time to encourage them to progress towards conversion. It outlines how aware the people are in your target audience of the problems that your products and services solve within your brand’s niche.

Five levels of Awareness

The five levels of awareness are as follows:text flow chart of levels of awarenessUnaware – Consumers are unaware they have a problem or a need
Problem Aware – Consumers know they have a problem and are looking for a solution
• Solution Aware – Consumers are looking for proof that the solution works
• Product Aware – Help consumers decide to buy your product
• Most Aware – They’ve purchased! Aid consumers in next steps

Where to start:

In our previous blog posts, we focused on the Unaware and Problem Aware stages. We suggest reading those if you haven’t already.

For this post, we will be focused on the Solution Aware stage and specifically what video content can help Solution aware consumers move on to the next of awareness, Product Aware.

Solution Aware – Consumers are looking for proof that the solution works

In this stage of awareness, the leads you’ve generated through the unaware or problem aware touchpoints are looking for further validation. They want to know that the solution they’ve discovered has worked for others and will work for them too. It’s your job to put their minds at ease. It’s at this stage that we can start to introduce consumers to our products as well, but we should be subtle, it’s not yet time for product tutorials or feature checklists.

Some examples of video content within the solution aware stage include:

  • Helpful how-to based content. The goal here is to research what your audience is searching around your solution and ensure you have eye-catching content that is easy to absorb once they arrive at a list after Googling. Be sure to create and post your video content in a way that is SEO friendly. For instance, knowing the idea of video editing can be daunting for new creators, we create helpful content around video editing tips and tricks. Here’s one example:

Notice that the content which highlights how and when to use J-Cuts and L-Cuts when editing video, is very general and could translate over to any video editor the consumer ends up choosing, but we’re showing the examples using our video editor. This is what I mean by subtle. We’re not shouting, “USE CAMTASIA TO MAKE J-CUTS and L-CUTS!” But we are subtly helping the consumer build confidence in how to do something while building familiarity with our product. When they do start to look towards what product to buy, likely the first brand they consider is the one who they have at least some familiarity with.

  • Pre-plan your customer testimonial videos to get each interviewee’s take on the transition they made from problem aware to solution aware. Have them talk about how the solution (not a specific product) solved their problem. For instance, we might present corporate trainers in this category with a video clip of a customer saying “We were struggling to train our remote employees until we discovered video as a solution.” We’re validating that the solution our leads have chosen is the right path because it has proven to work for others.
  • A good old fashioned 30 second commercial works well here, too. During the tail end of the solution aware stage, leads can be pushed to the product aware phase with a validating segment specific commercial that re-establishes their problem, validates this new-found solution, and introduces them to the product. When I say segment specific, I mean that these videos should be created in a way that really speaks to them and all aspects of your audience should be considered. This is likely to be the most expensive video your team makes and often includes an outside actor to be sure it’s polished. Here’s an example of a Snagit Commercial developed specifically for the IT segment. Take note of the subtle touches to ensure anyone in IT feels as though this content would really speak to them. (server racks, showing someone how to connect their printer, casual workplace.)

Remember, the goal is to reach the right consumer, with the right content to match their awareness level, at the right time. Doing so with video ensures that you’re doing everything in your power to keep consumers engaged with your brand along their customer journey. Ready to dive in? Check out our two part series on How to Make a Video – Part 1 and Part 2.

What’s Next?

This post is the third in a series of blog posts that will talk through each level of awareness and how video can be used to guide consumers throughout each stage. Be sure to catch all five by subscribing to our blog so posts are delivered right to your inbox. Next up? What video is a must when leads are product aware and how you can use video to seal the deal to finally turn that lead into a customer. See you there!


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