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Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Studio

Screen recording & editing software

Record your Mac or PC screen. Add professional polish. Produce stunning videos at any size. Delight viewers on the web, CD, or portable devices.






Why Screencasting?

Every day, thousands of people around the world use Camtasia software to train, teach, sell, and more...with screencast videos! It's the easy way to demonstrate a process, a product, or an idea.

What you might do with Camtasia:

  • Facilitate e-learning with online video lessons.
  • Create fun-to-watch screencasts and share them on your blog.
  • Produce interactive training and support videos.
  • Turn your sales presentation into a multimedia product demo.


How Camtasia has already helped:

Used screen recordings
to cut support costs
by $250,000 while
driving sales.
Created lectures
without limitations
to improve learner retention.
Served thousands
a corporate training conference via screen video.
Saved six months and countless dollars on production of
demo videos.
Reduced time requirements and lowered costs with
e-learning solutions.