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Business Owner and Photographer Uses Camtasia to Share Tricks of the Trade

Meet Ryan Oakley

Ryan Oakley

If you’ve ever doubted the concept of efficient multi-tasking, Ryan Oakley is proof that it can be done. Ryan is a traffic engineer by day, a photographer by weekend, and a blogger by night. He's also a proud father and an avid visual communicator, which comes in handy in all of Ryan's roles.

Documenting the Learning Process

Ryan is the first to admit that he’s not what you would call a 'photography guru.' A trip to Thailand with his wife and his first point-and-shoot camera led him to his newfound hobby. Once he was hooked, he started his own photography blog, Photography On The Side, and has been continuing to learn the craft.

"My goal with the blog is to focus on giving more than I receive. I want to help others by teaching as much as I know...and what I'm learning as I try new things in the photography business world," said Ryan. “Breaking into the photography business can be scary. We all need help. I'm happy to spend time and energy to help my readers by sharing my successes and failures."

Camtasia is a key part of my growing communication toolbox.

- Ryan Oakley,
Photographer/Business Owner