Helping Clients Become Social Media Rock Stars

Consulting Business Creates How-To Videos With Camtasia

Meet Madalyn SklarMadalyn Sklar

Madalyn Sklar, president of Social Networks for Musicians (SN4M), is an entrepreneur, music business coach and consultant, blogger and author. With SN4M, Madalyn helps musicians and music business effectively create and manage their social networks. She’s also the founder of, the oldest and largest online community supporting women in music.

Helping Musicians Find Harmony With Social Media

Madalyn works with musicians to help them better understand how social media can help them grow their audience. She produces 'how-to' videos with the help of Camtasia Studio, Snagit, and

"Camtasia makes it so easy for me to teach people how to do things with social media," Madalyn said. "For instance, when I want to show a new client how I implemented a function on their Facebook page, I'll whip out a quick 'how-to' video tutorial showing the process."

Camtasia has increased my business production and helped boost my credibility over the years as a leader in social media.

- Madalyn Sklar,
President, Social Networks for Musicians