Using Camtasia with TechSmith Relay


If you create videos with Camtasia, send them directly to TechSmith Relay to retain any interactive features. This tutorial will walk you through sending videos from Camtasia to your TechSmith Relay library.

For this tutorial you will need to have the TechSmith Relay Recorder installed on your computer along with Camtasia 9 (Windows) or Camtasia 3 (Mac). Installing the TechSmith Relay Recorder also installs the TechSmith Relay plugin, which Camtasia uses to send videos to your TechSmith Relay library.  

Need help downloading the TechSmith Relay Recorder?

Before moving on to the directions below, record and edit your desired video with Camtasia. If you would like help creating videos with Camtasia, check out the Camtasia Tutorials.

What about interactive features?

All interactive video features created with Camtasia will be included when the video is uploaded to TechSmith Relay, as long as the video is uploaded using the TechSmith Relay share option (steps below). Interactive features include:

  • Quizzes
  • Hotspots
  • Closed Captions
  • Table of Contents 

Uploading videos from Camtasia

  1. Choose TechSmith Relay from the Share dropdown menu.
    Camtasia 9 sharing interface
  2. If this is your first time uploading media from Camtasia, you may be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter your username and then complete the process to log in to TechSmith Relay.
    TechSmith Relay Camtasia sign in
  3. Give your video a title (A) and a description (B). Then click Submit (C).
    Video title and description submit dialog

    Note: If your video project dimensions are larger than 1280x720, selecting the "Send as 720p" option will produce and upload a 1280x720 version of your video. If your project dimensions are smaller than 1280x720, the video will be produced at that size instead. 
  4. Camtasia will render your video, upload it to TechSmith Relay, and then provide you with the link to your media when everything is completed. Click View Now ("Visit" on Mac) to be taken to your video in TechSmith Relay, or Copy to copy and paste the link for sharing with others.

    TechSmith Relay video uploaded successfully confirmation

    Visit and Copy buttons in Camtasia Mac Share History
  5.  Manage quizzing, analytics, privacy, and more by accessing your video on TechSmith Relay.
    View of video page in TechSmith Relay

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