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Go beyond basic screen recording. Camtasia’s new recording engine captures your screen, camera, microphone, system audio, and mouse data with industry-leading clarity.

Screen recording

Record part or all of your computer screen, up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

Camera recording

Record your built-in or external camera. Place and enhance that footage anywhere in your video.

Audio recording

Record your built-in or external microphone.

System audio recording

Record the audio coming through your computer speakers.

Mouse paths, clicks, and keystrokes

Record mouse movement, cursor clicks, and keystrokes for easy editing.

Video editing

The Camtasia editor empowers anyone to produce professional-quality videos in less time with drag-and-drop ease.



Import media

Import images, videos, camera footage, PowerPoint slides, and other media.

Customizable workflows

Speed up your video editing with shortcuts, presets, favorites, and more.


Text-based editing

Convert the audio in your videos into editable text that can be easily modified and synced.


Quick layouts with Rev

Use the Rev workflow for quick sizing, layout, background, effect, and filter choices to accelerate your video creation.


Give tone and feeling to any of your video clips or still images with more than 30 drag-and-drop filters.


Creatively move your video from scene to scene with more than 150 transitions exclusive to Camtasia.

On-screen annotations

Place callouts, arrows, shapes, and sketch motion on any part of your video.


Choose from our library of animations or create your own.

Dynamic backgrounds

Add movement and interest to your videos with thousands of pro-quality customizable motion backgrounds.


Sound effects

Emphasize important content in your video with royalty-free sound effects.


Unlimited high-quality royalty-free music. Explore instrumental and vocal audio tracks in various moods, styles, and genres.

Video footage

Enhance your video projects with unlimited use of millions of high-quality, royalty-free video clips that bring your stories to life.

Motion backgrounds

Make your videos pop with animated, looping video backgrounds.

Motion path animations

Animate any image or Lottie file to move, fly, or dash across the screen in any pattern of your choosing. Easily add points along your path and customize to get the exact effect you desire.

Photos and icons

Unlimited access to stunning royalty-free photos, illustrations, and icons powered by Shutterstock.

Customizable titles, templates, and themes

Browse professionally-designed titles, templates and themes and easily add your logo, text, and colors to make it your own.

Audio editing

Easily produce incredible audio with a wide array of easy-to-use tools, effects, and filters that help you both edit and improve your voice over.

Noise removal

Remove unwanted background noise from your audio recordings with one click to enhance your audio quality.

Audio leveling

Keep your voice at a consistent, professional-sounding level throughout your video.

Audio normalization

Use fading to get the perfect balance of your voice audio and accompanying music.

Emphasize audio

Automatically adjust the volume of background music or sound effects to let your voice over be heard more clearly.

Audio visualizers

Turn your voice narration, music clips, sound effects, or any audio into dynamic visuals to add visual interest to your videos.

Automatic hesitation detection and removal

AI detection and removal of hesitations and “ums” and “uhs” from your voice over for seamless, professional narration.

Professional audio effects

Use studio-quality effects to easily enhance your voice, remove plosives, and solve common audio issues.

Cursor effects

Capture and edit your cursor movements and clicks for smoother cursor paths and enhanced visibility.

Cursor scaling

Replace or enlarge your mouse pointer to draw attention to the most important parts of the recording.

Cursor path editing

Correct, modify, and optimize your cursor path. Add paths and clicks to any image, video, or media element for additional clarity and movement.

Cursor optimizations

Make a statement with your cursor by adding a glow effect or replacing it with a different style. Or upload your own company logo, thumbnail picture, or avatar.


Camtasia has redefined video creation with powerful AI features that speed up all phases of production.

Background removal

AI-assisted video background removal. Easier and better than green screen. Replace your background with an image or one of Camtasia’s dynamic backgrounds.


AI text-based editing

AI transcription of any video and edit it just like text.

AI script writing

Let Audiate generate your script. Choose from various tones and lengths.

Filler word and hesitation removal

Automatically detect and remove filler word and hesitations.

AI voices

Lifelike AI-generated voice over narration for your videos.


AI translation

Translate your audio and transcription to any of 13 languages and dialects.


AI image creator

Describe the image and art style you want to generate incredible images in just a few clicks.


AI avatars (coming soon)

Incredibly lifelike AI-generated avatars for your video. Never get in front of a camera again.


AI generated titles, descriptions, and chapters

Automatically generate titles, descriptions, and chapter markers for your videos.

Audio transcription

Turn your audio into text in multiple languages and add captions to your video for increased accessibility.


Improve accessibility, enhance comprehension, or add social media flair with Camtasia’s versatile and easy-to-use captioning capabilities.

Generate captions from transcriptions

Automatically create caption files from your video’s transcription.


Dynamic captions

Create fun, dynamic social-media-style captions in dozens of languages and dialects.

Closed captions

Generate closed caption files you can import directly into Camtasia to ensure ADA compliance.


Add a subtitle file in any language.


With Camtasia, collaboration is built right in. Go from concept to creation to critique in less time and with better results.

Comments and reviews

Upload videos to Screencast for easy collaboration and feedback from your colleagues.

Shareable brand elements

Share custom themes, templates, favorites and presets as well.

Shareable collections

Easily share video collections like a playlist for your viewers.

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