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Competec Group, based in Aargau, Switzerland, is comprised of a distributor, logistics service provider and a central service corporation. The group is required to document all its advertising activities, and with thousands of records to keep track of every quarter, they needed a fast, easy solution. They chose Snagit.

Competec Group uses screen capture software to streamline internal processes and to assist their internal marketing department

Competec GroupSwiss retail business is highly competitive—having a wide range of products is as essential for success as an excellent awareness of market trends. The fact that competitors from neighboring countries are also delivering to the Swiss market provides another challenge for Swiss distributors. This is exactly the reason why business expansion and success depend not only on additional offerings such as special services, support, and training, but also on special marketing skills for profitable products. Competec Group in Aargau, Switzerland, is confident that the company-wide implementation of a professional screen capture program with an integrated image editor will not only streamline internal documentation and communication processes, but will also make individual departments less dependent on support from graphic design specialists.

Competec Group employs more than 400 people and had a sales volume of 370 million Swiss francs in 2011. The group consists of distributor Alltron AG, Brack Electronics AG for retail with private and business customers, logistic service provider Competec Logistik AG and a central service corporation. and Alltron are large providers in their respective markets: Alltron supplies 6,000 active resellers across all of Switzerland; has more than 200,000 customers.

As distributors, Alltron and offer a large variety of products from more than 900 manufacturers. They regularly conduct a wide range of marketing and promotion activities for these products. Websites and newsletters play an important role in their online marketing mix; however, all advertising activities need to be documented. Visual records are sufficient, but standard screenshots are often incomplete. Before the implementation of Snagit, a software solution provided by TechSmith, this process required significant efforts from the marketing department: All Windows screenshots had to be manually combined and organized with a special image editing program. Now, the new software captures not only the complete page but also features a powerful image editor.

Details Are Important

Andrea Hochstrasser“Sometimes, the little details make all the difference. For example, the ability to capture scrolling web sites is a great advantage,” comments Andrea Hochstrasser, Marketing Planning Manager at Competec Group. “We have more than a thousand records per quarter, so Snagit saves us a tremendous amount of time and provides significant improvements in efficiency.”

Both the marketing and IT department at Competec Group are power-users of Snagit. The software is not only used for documentation of error messages and bugs in online portals, but helps to create software documentation and easy-to-use training materials.

In addition, Snagit is installed on all 500 work stations within the company. This gives all employees access to the screen capture program. At the same time Snagit provides an image editor so that employees can edit their captures as well as any other image files without any transfer problems or changes in format. Without the need for tedious image corrections, the marketing department saves time.

Efficient time management is also key for the IT department during company-wide software installations. Alltron managed to complete the implementation of Snagit within a week. Preparations and the initial installation took only half a day. Competec Group is currently running version 11.0 of the program. Upgrades to a new version took only two hours.

Training Expenses: Zero

Many years of close cooperation with TechSmith made Alltron’s choice for Snagit an easy decision. “We know the market very well, and are familiar with the benefits of Snagit. We never would have considered another product,” says Hochstrasser. However, another aspect was important for Competec’s IT department—and it was not the price.

“Snagit has an excellent price-performance ratio, but that was not that important for us. Much more important was the fact that Snagit is a very intuitive, easy-to-use software. Contrary to programs like Photoshop, there is no need for training or support,” explains the marketing expert. “Our employees know the basic functions of Snagit in no time, and gradually discover additional elements. This is a major time benefit in our continuously growing company.”

Administrative efforts and maintenance for the software are also minimal. The rollout at Competec took only a week, with half a day for the basic installation and rollout preparations. Future updates are expected to take only a few hours. “So far we did not need any support from TechSmith, neither during the initial installations nor during the company-wide implementation,” explains Andrea Hochstrasser.

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We have more than a thousand records per quarter, so Snagit saves us a tremendous amount of time and provides significant improvements in efficiency.

- Andrea Hochstrasser,
Marketing Planning Manager
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