Maximizing technology investments

Forest Hills Public Schools employs more than 700 teachers that educate more than 10,000 students. Just like other school districts across the nation, Forest Hills continuously investigates new technologies for teachers and students to use every day. However, ensuring that those technologies will be a good investment can often be a difficult decision. To make the most of their investments, Forest Hills places a special emphasis on grassroots adoption by teachers.

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Technology in action

Meet the team

  Dan Behm Headshot     Dan Behm

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Susan Bordewyk Headshot     Susan Bordewyk
Director of Technology

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Doreen Barnes Headshot     Doreen Barnes
Technology Integration Coordinator

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Megan Bowen Headshot     Megan Bowen
Education Technology Specialist

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Sara DeVoogd Headshot     Sara DeVoogd
Education Technology Specialist

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Christel Homrich     Christel Homrich
Education Technology Specialist

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Steve Passinault Headshot     Steve Passinault
High School Principal

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Kris Schrotenboer Headshot     Kris Schrotenboer
Language Arts Teacher

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Stephen Labenz Headshot     Stephen Labenz
Social Studies Teacher

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Amy Forslund-Amos Headshot     Amy Forslund-Amos
Music Teacher

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