QAD Uses TechSmith Relay to Create Presentations Across a Company

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Before using Camtasia Relay, QAD was no stranger to corporate presentation and screen capture. The company used Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite presentation capture platform for several years, with many of their employees also using Camtasia Studio to capture and edit individual presentations. QAD loved how Camtasia Studio allowed anyone to screencast from their own computer, however, extra steps were required to publish and upload this content to the Mediasite server.

After hearing of TechSmith’s technology partnership with Sonic Foundry, which automated the ingestion, cataloging and management of Camtasia Relay content within Mediasite, QAD implemented Camtasia Relay company-wide in March 2011.

Changing the Paradigm

After only three months, more than 180 QAD employees have taken advantage of Camtasia Relay and QAD has seen a 300% increase in content uploaded to Mediasite. “Camtasia Relay has changed the screencasting paradigm for our company,” said Scott Lawson, Director of IT Architecture for QAD. “Before Camtasia Relay, the process required significant IT oversight and was very time intensive, almost to the level of formality of recording a television show.”

“Camtasia Relay allows any employee to be a screencaster,” said Lawson. “QAD now has the ability to easily share rich, visual information, which is especially powerful for a software company like ours, where so much of our work is screen-based.”

“This type of user-generated content is vital for a company like ours. Our company lives in the minds of the people that come to work here every day. If that knowledge leaves our organization, it can cause costly problems and slowdowns. That’s what we’re trying to avoid by emphasizing user-generated content and tools like Camtasia Relay.”

Lawson added, “If you give people the right tools, you’ll see this type of growth.”

Content at Work

Since implementing Camtasia Relay, QAD employees have taken full advantage of this new way to share information. A QAD vice president in Australia now sends a monthly video message to his team using Camtasia Relay. He was never able to do something like this before because of the time it took to go to a remote location with access to the necessary equipment.

“At QAD, we have people spread all over the globe who weren’t able to easily use Mediasite before Camtasia Relay,” said Lawson.

Before Camtasia Relay, QAD had a staff person dedicated to uploading media files from Camtasia Studio to the Mediasite server. “Now that person is freed up to work on more pressing projects,” said Lawson.

One of QAD’s IT help desk representatives is creating short “how-to” presentations as she receives questions from employees throughout the company. “For example, she may receive a call from an employee asking how to add another time zone to their Google calendar. Before, she may have written up a wiki article explanation, but now she can show the process with a short video,” said Lawson. “She’s also building an extensive help video library that she can share with the entire company.”

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Camtasia Relay allows any employee to be a screencaster. QAD now has the ability to easily share rich, visual information, which is especially powerful for a software company like ours, where so much of our work is screen-based.

- Scott Lawson,
Director of IT Architecture, QAD
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