Digital Learning Day

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What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is also known as e-learning. Flipped classrooms and video lectures are both examples of digital learning. You can use digital learning with your class, starting today.

Digital Learning Day is February 5, 2014, when thousands of educators across the country pledge to try new ways of using digital learning in their classrooms, as well as learn from other educators who share what is already working with their students.

Catch two free, live webcasts hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Center for Digital Learning and Policy.  Both webcasts are scheduled for Feb 5, 2014: 

  • 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET - Kick-off session
  • 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET - National Digital Learning Policy panel discussion

Register for the virtual webcasts where you can learn about digital learning lesson plans, chat with experts and policymakers, and see live demonstrations.


Loudoun County Digital Learning

See how Loudoun County Public Schools incorporates digital learning with their E-Mentoring program.

Watch Loudoun County's video.

Digital ToolkitGet Inspired with our Toolkit

We’ve put together a Digital Learning Toolkit on Pinterest of programs and applications that you can play around with to get you started and thinking about how you can use these with your class - or even have your students use them!

Go to the Digital Toolkit


See How Educators are Using Digital Learning

You may have heard of a flipped classroom, but that is only one of many ways educators are using e-learning. Get ideas on how you can integrate digital tools into education and become a more effective & efficient teacher.

Digital Learning in K-12Real Teachers, Real Results in K-12 Digital Learning

Find out how you can improve teaching, learning, communicating and comprehension by using visual images.  See educators in action.

Easily Catch Up from Class AbsencesDon't Let Class Absences Slow You Down

Teach even when you're not in class, and give absent students a way to catch up.  See how it's done.

About Digital Learning Day & Project 24

Digital Learning Day celebrates teachers & shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice & effective use of technology in classrooms across the country. TechSmith is a proud sponsor of Digital Learning Day and Project 24.

Project 24 is an on-going effort to promote effective use of technology in the classroom. It hosts a wealth of expert advice, creative ideas, and educator-approved suggestions to achieve college & career readiness in education systems, nationwide.  

Flipped Classroom

Did you hear how Clintondale High School flipped their entire school?

Learn more about their story.
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