Capturing Students' Attention With Technology

Shauna Hedgepeth is an AP statistics, algebra 2, and dual enrollment college algebra teacher at Oak Grove High School in Mississippi. Shauna's goal--to win kids over with statistics!

She takes screenshots of problems she goes through in class and posts them online so students can review solution methods as often as they need. "I showed the screencasts to my students and they instantly wanted to try it for themselves," Shauna said.

"Students come to the board and record themselves working on problems in front of the class. Students started recording themselves working on math problems at home and would email them to me, or to each other, even uploading the videos to their own student-created web pages."

Shauna is incorporating all kinds of technology in class, including texting! She has her students text their answers to questions in class using ActivExpressions. The answers are automatically tallied and graphed in front of the room.

"I knew that to win the kids over with statistics, I would need to use something they were already using, such as Twitter and a #hedgestats hashtag," Shauna said. "Within the first few days, they started tweeting about stats they saw, read, and heard. They also started using each other as a network to get help or reminders. So far, I've been very pleased with the results."

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I showed the screencasts to my students and they instantly wanted to try it for themselves.

- Shauna Hedgepeth,
math teacher, Oak Grove High School