Creating and Sharing Content on Windows Devices


TechSmith Fuse is a mobile app you can use on-the-go or in the classroom to record and share videos from your mobile device to TechSmith Relay. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices (such as Surface tablet). This tutorial is intended for users who have Windows devices.

This tutorial is for users with Windows devices (i.e. Surface tablet). If you'd like to send media from iOS or Android devices, check out this tutorial.

Launching TechSmith Fuse:

  1. If you haven't already, download TechSmith Fuse from the Windows Store.
  2. Locate and launch TechSmith Fuse on your device.
    1. From the Start Screen, tap TechSmith Fuse.
      Windows start screen with TechSmith Fuse
    2. If you do not see TechSmith Fuse on your start screen, select it from the list of Apps by name or use the Windows search functon.
      TechSmith Fuse in list of apps by name. Search bar highlighted by yellow callout.
  3. The application opens to the Library which will be empty the first time you use TechSmith Fuse. To add content to the Library, capture a new video or import an existing one from your device.
    Note: Fuse for Windows can only send videos to TechSmith products.
    TechSmith Fuse empty library with callouts identifying Capture and Import buttons.

Capturing a New Video:

  1. From the Library, tap Capture.
    TechSmith Fuse capture button
  2. The first time you tap Capture, the application will ask to use your webcam and microphone. Tap Allow.
    TechSmith Fuse camera and microphone permissions confirmation
  3. To begin recording a video, tap the video camera.
    TechSmith Fuse start recording with video capture button callout
  4. When you are finished recording, tap the checkmark to save the recording to your Library or tap the X to discard it.
    TechSmith Fuse complete or discard recording buttons with callout
  5. Tap the Back button to return to the Library.
    TechSmith Fuse back button.
  6. Your newly recorded video will be added to the library, where you can tap to view it.
    TechSmith Fuse library with newly imported video.

Import Existing Videos from Your Device

If you have existing videos saved to your device that you would like to send to TechSmith Relay or other TechSmith products, you can import them to your library.

  1. From the Library, tap Import.
    Import button in TechSmith Fuse
  2. The application opens to your Videos folder by default. To select a different folder, tap Go up and navigate the folder structure until you find the one you need.
    TechSmith Fuse videos folder, go up button with a callout
  3. Tap the file you want to import (A), and then tap Open (B). 
    Select file, open button
  4. The file you selected is added to your Library.TechSmith Fuse library with video added.

Sending Videos to TechSmith Relay

  1. Make sure your computer and Windows device are connected to the Internet.
  2. If Fuse is not open on your Windows device, launch the application.
  3. From the Library, tap the video you want to send to TechSmith Relay.
  4. In the upper right corner, tap Send To > TechSmith Relay.
    Send to button  with menu open and a callout identifying TechSmith Relay option.
  5. Tap Connect and the QR code scanner will launch. We will use it to connect TechSmith Fuse to your TechSmith Relay website in a moment.
    TechSmith Fuse connect button
  6. Using your computer, go to your TechSmith Relay site and sign in.
    TechSmith Relay sign in page
  7. Click the Create button, and select Connect to Fuse.
    Create button with Connect to TechSmith Fuse selected
  8. Pick up your Windows device and point the Scanner in Fuse at the QR code on the Download Recorder page.
    Note: If the QR code cannot be read, you can connect manually. Contact your TechSmith Relay site administrator for the server link.
    Simplified graphic of Microsoft Surface scanning QR code
  9. Enter your TechSmith Relay account credentials, which are the same email and password you use to sign in to your TechSmith Relay site, and tap Sign In.
    TechSmith Relay sign in in Fuse
  10. Enter a title (A) and description (B) for your video, and tap Send (C).
    Add details screen in TechSmith Fuse
  11. Your video is sent to the TechSmith Relay where it can be viewed and shared from the Videos tab.

Signing Out of Your TechSmith Relay Account:

If you are using a shared device to send videos to TechSmith Relay, you may want to sign in and out of different accounts.

  1. From the Library, tap Settings.
    TechSmith Fuse settings button
  2. Tap TechSmith Relay Site.
    TechSmith Fuse settings
  3. Tap Sign Out.
    TechSmith Relay sign out options
  4. You are now signed out of your account. To sign in as another user, Tap Sign In.
    TechSmith Rekay site sign in option


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