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A few ways you might use Jing...

How Jing saved me 20 hours and 10 gallons of gas this week

"Dawn SadlerI specialize in online marketing for home builders and we frequently work with sales teams to migrate their registration cards to an online CRM model. Since our clients are in diverse locations, I needed a way to train agents on the technology without spending a lot of time on the road. The task seemed impossible, until I found Jing.

The challenge for us–and anyone involved in New Home Sales and Marketing Management–is always how to focus time at each community to effectively coach, encourage, and inspire sales teams. Too often, precious time is spent with administrative items, forms, and training that facilitates a process but does not inspire action.

Thanks to Jing, I now have a simple and easy alternative to having to personally train every agent, saving everyone the time and travel involved in a traditional training session. In just a few minutes, I recorded both the visual and audio for the first step of the training session and emailed it out to all agents. Now I'm able to use Jing to provide tutorials for many different scenarios 24/7, keeping agents spending less time on administrative details, and more time focusing on building relations to drive sales."  

Communication without boundaries

Ellie O'Connor"I work for a small communications and 8A company that has about 40 employees right now. The main reason we started using Jing was to link the employees who work from home, to those working in house or out of state. We really needed a way to increase our collaboration as we implement some of the best practices in 'user centered design.'

Now we're able to have a developer just record a video and talk employees through issues or problems. The visual aspect provided by Jing really helps us ALL stay on the same page. So many times, and in so many companies, the biggest problems are miscommunication between teams. Since we've been using Jing to explain concepts and designs, our teams, both in office or remote, feel a much better sense of synergy and understanding. It has been a HUGE advantage to just have a recording there for viewing at any time, or for reference when needed."

Training videos made easy with Jing and Camtasia Studio

Carol Palmatier"I run, a virtually-based company with staff and freelancers scattered literally across the world. Jing and Camtasia Studio have saved us a huge amount of time and money by changing the way we communicate with our users, new customers and our in house staff. The best part about these products is how easy they are, no training needed and no big learning curve…so simple.

Because of the scope of the company, conference calls and online meetings were difficult to schedule, but Jing allowed us to easily document complex data operations that would otherwise be virtually impossible to illustrate with words alone.

Staff and customers can now just follow along with a video. Jing and Camtasia easily let us create professional video tutorials that make learning our service a breeze. We were able to make our service so simple and obvious that our customers are up and running in no time.

We also use the videos in our internet marketing efforts, posting to our YouTube channel, Squidoo, Twitter and Facebook, all for next to nothing in cost!

Awesome products, we love them and can't live without them! Keep them coming!" 

Stop repeating yourself. Say it again with video.

James Gill"My librarian has an exhausting job. We are the biggest middle school in the province, and Karen Ferguson has a lot of kids coming through her doors each day. Each week she is teaching entire classes new skills, such as research skills, reading skills and writing skills. She is tireless.

However this is not to say she doesn't get tired. Having to teach the same lesson over and over again has a cost. But, then I realized she could save herself time and effort by using Jing.

Jing is free software you can use to make a narrated video (if you have a microphone) showing how to do something on a computer. It records your mouse, and everything you click on and show on your screen. Karen had been teaching lessons using a computer and LCD projector. So I suggested she 'Jing it.'

Today she spent 30 minutes playing with Jing, getting a little frustrated, but then finding great success, and she created her first Jing video on how to use the library online catalog. As she was recording it, a teacher asked her if he could bring his class in next block. She said ok, finished her recording, put a link to it on her library website, and voila! Now she can show the video she made, and walk around monitoring kids learning while the video plays. It saves her time, and saves effort.

I applaud Karen's adventurous spirit, because she could have given up in the first few minutes, but she didn't. I hope that this small investment in time has a big payoff for her in the months and years ahead.”