Customize Library Assets

Learn how to customize titles, backgrounds, effects, and other assets from the Camtasia Library to fit your project or brand.

Camtasia 3D icon

Camtasia’s built-in library includes hundreds of royalty-free assets, such as titles, icons, and dynamic backgrounds, to add a professional look.

Customize assets to match your brand colors or to influence the style and mood of your video.

Add and Customize an Asset

  1. Click the Library tab.
    Library tab
  2. From the Library dropdown, select the Camtasia 2023 option.
    Camtasia Library in library dropdown
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to a folder to explore the available assets. Double-click an asset to preview it.
  4. Drag an asset to the timeline to add it to your video.
  5. Click Properties to open the Properties panel.
    Properties button
  6. Each asset has its own customizable properties, such as color, size, and speed. Edit the desired properties for each.

Tip: Reuse customized assets.

After you customize a Camtasia Library asset, save it to your own user library to reuse or share with your team. See Reuse Media Across Projects (Asset Libraries).

Asset Types

The Camtasia Library includes hundreds of assets in the following categories:

Asset CategoryDescription
AudioBackground music to enhance the mood of your video.
Channel KitAnimated buttons and graphics for social media and online sales.
CountersCountdown timers, frame counters, and timeline stamps.
Cursor AnimationsCursors with animated effects to attract the viewer’s attention.
Cursor ClicksClick effects to emphasize action in screen recordings.
Dynamic BackgroundsLooping animated backgrounds with customizable colors, sizes, speed, and more. See Add a Dynamic Background.
Dynamic FillsSubtle, shifting gradient backgrounds with customizable colors.
Emphasis FXAnimated effects to attract your viewer’s attention.
Hand DrawnAnimated arrows and annotations that appear hand-drawn.
Icons & GlyphsReady-made arrows, buttons, and other icons.
IndicatorsAnimated arrows and to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific area on the screen.
TitlesAnimated titles, including lower-thirds and streamers.
UI KitSimplified user interfaces (such as desktops, browser windows, and apps) and UI elements (such as buttons and icons).

Tip: Download more assets.

More customizable assets are available from the TechSmith Assets for Camtasia website. See Download & Install TechSmith Assets.