Build a Video Template to Share

Create and share a video template to help collaborators quickly build consistent and professional videos.

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Enhancements to Consider

Create a new project or update an existing project to save as a video template. Include common video enhancements such as:

EnhancementDescriptionCamtasia Asset Category
PlaceholdersPlaceholders guide video creators on the type of content to replace in the template. Placeholders preserve the canvas position, transitions, effects, audio points, and animations when possible.
Intros and OutrosAdd a consistent title to introduce a video series or to brand videos on your channel.

Combine title text with elements in the UI Kit (such as a subscribe button) to drive engagement to your channel or page.
Titles, UI Kit
Lower ThirdsOverlay animations and text to introduce the speaker or scene in a video.Titles
Background VideoLooping animations or video clips to use as a background or scene in a video.Dynamic Backgrounds, Footage
Background MusicInstrumental or vocal tracks to use as an audio background or to set a mood for your video.Music
EffectsShort clips with an alpha channel to accent media.

Add callouts or emphasis bursts and sound effects to standardize click effects across a tutorial or video series.
Callouts, Emphasis Bursts, Sound Effects
Device FramesComputer or mobile device images to provide context around a screenshot or video clip.Device Frames

Camtasia includes many professionally-designed assets to use as enhancements. Select Media tab > Assets subtab to browse categories and assets. To learn more, see Enhance Your Video with Camtasia Assets.

Tip: Download premade templates.

Premade, professionally designed templates are available on the Camtasia Assets website. To import a template from Camtasia Assets, see How to Use a Template.

Create a Video Template

  1. Select File > New Project.
  2. To add a placeholder, drag the cursor to the desired location on the timeline and select Edit > Add Placeholder or press P on the keyboard.
    Example of a placeholder on the timeline
  3. Camtasia adds the placeholder to the timeline. In the Properties panel, enter a title and a note to instruct video creators on the type of content or media specifications for replacing the clip.
    Example of placeholder note in properties panel

    Note: The title appears on the canvas and timeline, but notes appear only in the Properties panel.

  4. Add other desired enhancements in the project on the timeline or canvas.
  5. To save the project as a template, select File > Save Project as Template.
  6. Enter a template name and click OK.

To share the the video template, see Share a Video Template.

Tip: Customize the template thumbnail.

To customize the thumbnail for the template shown in the Template Manager, drag the playhead to the desired location on the timeline before saving or exporting.

Edit a Video Template

Ensure video creators maintain your video standards by updating your video templates with the latest branding, logos, and other video updates.

  1. Select File (Windows) or Camtasia (Mac) > Manage Templates.
  2. The Template Manager dialog opens. Complete one of the following:
    • Select a template and click New from Template.
    • Click the Import template button to select a template file (.camtemplate) from your computer and click Open.
      Template Manager dialog
  3. After making the desired edits, select File > Save Project as Template.
  4. Enter a template name and click OK.

Tip: Strategies to save template changes:

  • To replace the current template, save with the same file name.
  • To designate a template version, add a number to the end of the file name.

Share a Video Template

Export as a single template (.camtemplate) or add templates, source files, and media to a Camtasia Package (.campackage) to share with others.

  1. Open a saved template in Camtasia Editor.
  2. Select File > Export > Template.
  3. Browse to a location and enter a file name.
  4. Click Save.

Camtasia exports a template (.camtemplate). To build a new video from this template, see How to Use a Template.

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