Editing In-Depth 1

In this two part series, learn six editing techniques to minimize re-records, and edit video more efficiently. This video covers, trim, split, stitch and ripple move media.



If you’ve watched a few of our other tutorials, you may already know how to trim media. What you may not know, is that trimming actually crops the media instead of deleting it. So if you need to backtrack, hover over the edge of a trimmed clip and drag it back out. Voilà, your clip is restored!

If you want to trim multiple clips at the same time, select them, hover over the edge of one, and drag.


To split a clip into two parts, select the appropriate clip or clips, place the playhead where you want to make the split, and click the split button. 

You can also use the “S” hotkey on Windows or “Cmd+T” on Mac to split media on the timeline.

Ripple Split

To split media on all of your tracks and move them at the same time, press and hold the “shift” key and then drag the playhead.

This is called a “ripple split” and it’s great for when you need to add some content to the middle of a video or if you forgot to leave room for an intro.


Stitching combines clips so they can be selected, moved, and edited as one. It’s important to note that only clips from the same piece of media can be stitched together.

To stitch media, select the clips you want to stitch, right click, and choose Stitch Selected Media. Stitched media share the same visual properties and any animations and effects will span both clips.

Ripple Move

Often times during editing you need to move all the clips on a track at once. A quick way to do this is to use ripple move. Hold shift, then click and drag a clip on the timeline.

You can also ripple move media on multiple tracks. Select a clip on each track and then hold the shift key while simultaneously dragging.