Editing In-Depth 2

In this two part series, learn six editing techniques to minimize re-records, and edit video more efficiently. This video covers, clip speed, extend frame and crop.


Clip Speed

Clip speed allows you to play a video clip faster or slower than its natural pace. To apply the clip speed effect, click and drag it from the tools panel to a clip on the timeline.

Open the effects tray and drag the clip speed handles to adjust the speed of a clip. Or, adjust the speed in the properties panel.

Extend Frame

Extend the frame of a recording so you have more time to finish an action or thought.

To extend a frame, hold the “Alt” key on Windows or the “Option” key on Mac and then click and drag from the end of a clip. A copy of the frame is added to the end of the clip.

If you’re on Windows, a second way to extend a frame is to select a clip, place the playhead at the frame you want to extend, then right-click and select Extend Frame.

Extend Frame + Ripple Move

Extend frame becomes even more powerful when paired with ripple move. Use ripple move to create the exact amount of space you need on the timeline, then extend the frame to fill the space.

Crop Media

When canvas space is at a premium, show more of what’s important by using crop to hide unwanted parts of a video or image.

Enable crop mode by clicking on the crop button just above the canvas. A thin blue border appears around the selected media. Click and drag the handles of the blue border to crop the video or image.

When you’re finished, click the arrow button located next to the crop button to return to the normal “edit mode.”

Camtasia crop mode and edit mode