How to Create a Microvideo

Microvideos are short instructional videos that focus on teaching a single, narrow topic. In this tutorial we’ll walk you through planning, creating, and producing a microvideo.


Step 1: Plan

Start by identifying what you want to teach. After you choose, consider what is the least amount of information needed to understand what you plan to teach.

The key is to choose a narrow topic and then show only what is essential to understand it. Remove all the unnecessary information and steps from your instructional videos to streamline the process and keep the video short.

Slide that reads 'What do you want to teach ' followed by a numbered list

Step 2: Record your screen

With your topic in hand, do a practice walk through of exactly what you want to show your viewers. This will help you get  smooth cursor motions in the recording and, in the end, allows yourself an easier time editing. When you’re ready, open the Camtasia recorder and record your screen.

To learn more about recording your screen, check out the Record, Edit, Share tutorial video.

Camtasia Record button

Step 3: Edit the video

When you’re finished recording, cut out mistakes and trim extra footage from the ends of your recording. The key here is to edit your micro video so that just the key steps of the process are shown.

To learn more about editing your video in Camtasia, check out the Record, Edit, Share tutorial video.

Step 4: Produce the video

The last step in creating a microvideo is to produce it. Consider where you want this video to live and how you want to share it and then choose a share destination.

To learn more about sharing your video, check out the Export and Share tutorial video.

Camtasia Share dropdown menu