Make Your First Video

Create a basic screen recording video from start to finish including preparing your screen, light editing, and sharing your video.


The Recorder

Set up the recorder to match the goal of your video by asking yourself three questions.

  1. What do you want people to see?  Choose to record full screen or a custom size.
  2. Do you want people to see you?  Toggle the webcam ON or OFF to add a human touch to your video.
  3. Can they hear you? A very important part of video creation is hearing the voice of the presenter. Choose your microphone here (optimally a USB based one).  
Camtasia recorder

The Editor

The Editor has four distinct sections:

The Media Bin – This is where media for your current project is located. You can also find the Library (for commonly used assets) and the Tools (to enhance your videos).

The Canvas – This acts as a preview window for your video. It also is used for editing and placement of assets.

The Properties Panel – Use this to make precise adjustments such as size, shape, color, transparency and more!

The Timeline – Organize your tracks (video, screen recordings, audio, callouts, etc).

Camtasia editor including the canvas, timeline, media bin, and properties panel

Export Your Video

Choose amongst several options to best reach your audience. You can export or share your video multiple times to multiple destinations.

Local file – To save on your computer or to an attached drive.

Cloud destinations – Use any TechSmith hosting option or popular cloud destinations.

Export menu in Camtasia