Record a PowerPoint Presentation

Learn three ways to record a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with Camtasia.

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Camtasia provides three ways to record a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Record with the Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In (Windows)
  2. Import Slides into Camtasia and Record Voice Narration
  3. Record with Camtasia Recorder

Record with the Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In (Windows)

The Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In allows you to record a presentation directly in Microsoft PowerPoint. The video recording captures any transitions or animations in the presentation.

Note: The PowerPoint Add-in toolbar is only available on Windows. To record a presentation on Mac, see Import Slides into Camtasia or Record with Camtasia Recorder.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Add-Ins tab.
  3. Select the recording options in the toolbar.
    The PowerPoint Add-in toolbar with the Camtasia record button and other options to customize a recording
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. Test your audio and then click the button to begin recording or press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.
    Camtasia PowerPoint status window
  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10 or press the ESC key to stop recording.
  7. Click the Stop Recording button.
  8. Name the recording and click Save.
  9. Select Produce your recording or Edit your recording and click OK.

To learn more about recording and customizing the PowerPoint Add-In settings, see Record with the PowerPoint Add-In.

Import Slides into Camtasia

Import individual .ppt or .pptx slides into the Media Bin. Drag the slides onto the timeline to build your video presentation and record voice narration to complete your video. This method allows you to add additional transitions, callouts, and other video enhancements offered in Camtasia.

See Import PowerPoint Slides.

Record with Camtasia Recorder

Record with Camtasia Recorder to capture the presentation as you deliver it. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in Presenter mode and record with the Camtasia Recorder. As you record, the transitions and animations in the presentation are captured in the recording.

To learn more about setting up your recording, see Record, Edit, Share.

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