Sync Captions with a Script

Learn how to paste a prepared script into a caption text box and synchronize text with the audio playback. Splitting and merging captions is also covered. 


Copy Your Script

With your video project open in Camtasia, navigate to your script and copy the narration text.

Use control plus c to copy your script into Camtasia

Paste Script into Camtasia

Next, open the Captions tool, and click Add Caption. Click inside the caption editing window and paste your script.

Use control plus v to paste your script inside the caption editing window

Manually Sync Captions (Windows Only)

To begin, click the gear icon, and choose Sync captions.

click the gear icon and select sync captions

Review the Process

A screen appears with instructions on how to sync your captions. As the project plays, listen to the narration and click a word in the script to start a new caption.

It’s important to keep in mind that a common best practice is to begin a new caption at the beginning of a sentence. When ready, click Continue and the project begins to play immediately.

How to Sync your captions dialog window

Control the Playback

If you need to take a break, click the Pause button.  

pause stop

When ready to continue, click Resume.

resume stop

Manage your Captions

There may be times when you’ll need to split a longer caption across two captions, or merge two separate captions into one. Position the playhead over the selected caption and right-click the caption. Select the preferred option from the context menu. 

Orange box around the options to 'merge with previous caption' and 'split caption'