Record & Edit Webcam Video

Record webcam video to humanize the viewer's experience. Choose between webcam only, or included with your screen recording as picture-in-picture.


Record Webcam Only

With the Camtasia Recorder, you can record anything visible on your screen. To record a Webcam only video, click the button to turn off screen recording, and make sure the camera button is toggled on. 

the camtasia recorder with arrows pointing to the screen recording area and the system audio input

Webcam Preview

Mouse over the camera thumbnail and make sure you are centered or positioned correctly before you record. When you start to record, the toolbar minimizes and you won’t see your webcam on the screen. 

To preview the camera thumbnail while you record, open the toolbar from your taskbar.

the camtasia recorder with the cursor hovering over the webcam preview window, which displays a man

Record Your Screen and Webcam Together

If you record webcam and the screen at the same time, the screen capture is added to Track 1 and the webcam is combined with microphone audio on Track 2 of the Editor.

Camtasia recorder and Camtasia editor after recording both screen and webcam footage

Add Animations to Show, Hide, or Move Media

Drag an animation to a clip on the timeline, and then resize or reposition the media on the canvas. Playback your video to preview the animation, and make any needed adjustments.

Continue to add animations to media throughout your video whenever you want to show, hide, or move what’s being shown. Use the Properties panel to adjust the opacity and rotation of the selected media.

The camtasia timeline with an animation placed on the track with the camera footage