Blackboard Integration (Admin)

If your organization uses Blackboard as your LMS, you can add media to courses without ever signing in to TechSmith Knowmia. This tutorial explains how an administrator can set up the Blackboard and Knowmia integration using the Learning Tool Interoprability (LTI) protocol. (Enterprise Only)

3d Knowmia icon

Why use LTI?

While it’s possible to share media with students using direct links or video embed, an LTI integration allows users to:

  • View media uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia directly in Blackboard using their login credentials.
  • Automatically transfer completed quiz results from media uploaded to Knowmia into the Blackboard Grade Center.

To complete the LTI integration, you will need access to both the Knowmia Site Administration controls and the administration panel of Blackboard.

Setting up an LTI integration in the TechSmith Knowmia Site Administration panel

  1. Log in to your Knowmia website as a site administrator.
  2. Click the Site Admin tab.

    Site admin tab in knowmia
  3. Under Settings, locate the LTI Integrations section. Click Add a new integration.

    Add new integration button in settings menu
  4. Select Blackboard from the dropdown and click Create.

    LMS menu to create integration
  5. The integration details are displayed. For information on where to copy and paste these fields into Blackboard, see Creating the LTI integration in Blackboard.

Note: The Consumer Key and Secret are randomly generated and unique to your Knowmia website. You may use these values for multiple Blackboard instances such as testing and production environments.

    Blackboard integration details

Note: If you need to view the Integration Details at a later time, click the eye icon next to the integration name.

Eye icon to view details

Creating the LTI integration in Blackboard

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an administrator.
  2. Select the System Admin tab.

    System admin tab
  3. Under the Integrations section, click LTI Tool Providers.

    LTI tool providers option in integrations section
  4. Click the Register Provider Domain tab.

    Register provider domain tab
  5. Enter the Provider Domain (e.g. or

    Provider domain field
  6. Under the Default Configuration section, select Set Globally and enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret from Knowmia.

    Configuration dialogue box for key
  7. Under the Organization Policies section, select one of the options for Send User Data.

Note: We do not recommend selecting Never or users will be unable to upload and view content from Knowmia.

  1. Under the User Fields to Send section, select the Constituency in Course and Email Address checkboxes. If desired, select the optional Name checkbox to provide usernames in your Knowmia video analytics and quiz

     Organization policies menu
  2. To finish creating the LTI integration, click Submit.

Creating a Placement for your LTI integration in Blackboard

You must manually add the LTI integration to one or more Blackboard menus. LTI tools are typically placed in the Tools, Assessments, Mashups, or Create menus. You can add several menu placements that connect to a single LTI integration.

  1. Hover over the LTI integration you want to add to a menu and click the options button (1). Select Manage Placements (2).

    Manage placements option in tools list
  2. Click the Create Placement tab.

    Create placement tab
  3. The Create Placement dialog opens. Enter a Label and a Handle for the LTI integration.

    Label and Handle fields in placement information dialogue
  4. Under the Type section, select Course content tool. To enable Knowmia to report video and quiz grades directly to the Blackboard gradebook, check Allows evaluation.

    Course content tool dialogue
  5. Enter the Launch URL from your LTI integration details. (The Key and Secret fields should already be populated.)

    Launch URL in the tool provider information menu
  6. To complete your placement, click Submit.

Note: Each placement adds the LTI tool to a single menu. Follow the steps again to add additional menu placements.

Optional: Download and add this Knowmia icon to your tool configuration. For best results, the size of the icon should be 50 by 50 pixels. 

Knowmia logo 
(right-click on image and choose ‘Save image as…’)

Click the Browse button and upload the custom icon that you want shown in the course.  

Upload custom icon

Your installation and configuration of the Knowmia LTI integration is now complete. Please follow the steps for Adding Media to Your Blackboard Course to test your integration.